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Wheat Free & Butter Free Cake

 - Rhubarb & Apple





Cupcake Of The Day

 - Carrot, Raisins & Cinnamon




     kitchen therapy 

     Thursday 22 March 2018


         start the day from    

         until 11 a.m. 

         £1.40, £2.00
assorted pastries or toast (with butter, marmite, peanut butter, jam, marmalade or
         £5.50, £6.00
         fried eggs, baked beans, bacon & toast (free range eggs),  
scrambled eggs, bacon & toast (free range eggs),

         £4.00, £4.50
our Kitchen bacon sandwich

         £3.50, £4.00
Kitchen porridge with honey & 


         (from 12 noon)

         delicious sandwiches (with artisan bread)

£4.00, £4.50
         bacon sandwich - with tomato, mustard, ketchup & salad,

         tuna sandwich - with cucumber, mayo, cheese & salad,
         poached chicken - with cucumber, vinaigrette & salad,
         moorish vegetarian sandwich - with tomato, houmous, feta & salad
         italian vegetarian sandwich - with tomato, mozzarella, pesto & salad

         kitchen pizza - on a thin crust

         £4.20, £4.70

         classic - with tomato, mozzarella, pesto sauce & roquette
         alternative - with tomato, hummous, feta & roquette

        ... and tantalizing lunches

         £4.50, £5.00
         caesar salad 
         salad of cous cous, caramelised onion, tomato, pumpkin & mint
         salad of beetroot, pumpkin, orange, carrot & peas

         £5.00, £5.50
         beef meatballs (with rice)
         bbq chicken legs, potato chips & onion gravy
         pasta tomato, green beans, spinach & pesto
         sweet & sour pork (with rice)
         £4.00, £4.50
         baked potato red onion & cheese
         frittata tomato, olive & feta (free range eggs)
         spinach soup (with toast)


                                                            sandwich platters
         assorted sandwiches for your office meetings are available,
24 hours notice required


         Disclaimer: Ingredients subject to change, according to availability. Take-out prices are in orange.
         Please note some dishes may contain nuts or dairy products - be sure to ask.



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