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 What is Kitchen Therapy? 

Kitchen Therapy started as a dream - to cook, laugh, make new friends and feed them at the same time!  Cooking is fun and is one of the best therapies because it is about nurturing.  We love it! 

We have a ritual, first, we switch on the radio to our favourite station - Smooth Radio naturally (but only because Alex is the only one who can reach the radio controls), then we commence cooking!  To cook our Thai red curry with chicken, we start off by chopping the onions & garlic (using a food processor of course!), this goes into the pan with sizzling oil then wait!  Ahhh .....savour the rising aroma of sauteeing onions & garlic, next goes in the kaffir lime leaves, carrots, chicken & red peppers and then 1-2 tablespoons of thai red curry paste.  Let it all fry and catch alittle on the pan, stir and then pour in some chicken stock and coconut milk ... and let it simmer happily away.  In about 30 minutes, it's all ready!  Pop in the peas, mangetout and chopped parsley, lime juice, fish sauce (if using) and you are ready to tuck in!  

, we know that it isn't possible to cook during the work day, so we are lucky to be able to create salads, hot food, soup, pasta, baked potatoes, desserts for YOU instead!  There're also the sandwiches and pizzas that we make to order. So, when lunchtime comes, you know there is an entire Kitchen of food waiting!   Walk in (or run down), enjoy the aroma, soak in the excited and busy atmosphere, chat with the person queuing with you and get ready for your bag of delicious food that has been made with care, love & passion!

Enjoy your lunch!