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     Office Catering


         We are ready and on hand to help with your office catering requirements too!  You can have a choice of our rustique sandwiches, tea sandwiches, salads, hot food .... 

         If, like me, you like things in nice packages, we could rustle up 'lunch bags' filled with lunch, crisps, cake of the day, water and will complete it with cutlery, napkin and a quote of the
! (The quote is free on the house!)

         Have a look at our sample sandwich menus.  These can be expanded to suit your dietary requirements, special preference or just plain cravings!  Top these delicious toppings
         with our artisanal bread from Paul Rhodes London and you have a dream sandwich come true.  Just get in touch with us!


         Sandwiches - Rustique

         poached chicken with tomato, salad and our house dressing
         kitchen bacon, tomato, salad, ketchup & mustard
         grilled chicken with cucumber, salad and curry vinaigrette
         roast sausages, fried onions, tomato, salad & ketchup
         smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, salad & lemon
         tuna, olive, tomato, salad & house dressing
         eggs with smoked salmon
         tuna, sweetcorn, mayonnaise, tomato, cheddar & salad
         mozzarella, tomato, roquette & pesto
         cheese, gherkin, tomato & salad
         roast vegetables with feta & tomato
         peanut butter and banana
         cheddar cheese & pickle

         Tea Sandwiches 

         tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn & cucumber
         ham & cheese
         sliced egg, tomato & marie rose sauce
         chicken coronation & cucumber
         houmous, tomato & roquette
         chicken with tomato & pesto
         egg mayonnaise with cucumber
         smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
         bacon and tomato
         chicken Caesar
         tomato, mozzarella & pesto
         cheddar & tomato
         chicken with satay with cucumber

         (the above is just a few suggestions and we can add more variations if required.)

         Sandwich Platters for meetings:

         Sandwiches come on a selection of granary bread, ciabatta, bagel, wraps or croissants from Paul Rhodes London.
         Please specify what bread & filling you would like when ordering.

         All sandwiches are made to order and will require 24 hours’ notice.
         Any orders with less than 24 hours’ notice needs to be arranged with Marie or Alex.